DeFi 101Sep 18

What is HODL in Crypto?



· HODL is slang for in the crypto space

· HODL means to buy and hold

· HODL was a misspelling of HOLD

· People misinterpreted it to mean Holding On For Dear Life

HODL is a slang term used in the crypto space. It was derived from the word hold that was misspelled and means buy and hold. The term originated in 2013 from a post on the bitcointalk platform. Bitcoin’s price had hiked to a high of more than $1,000 in December 2013 from less than $15 in January of the same year. In the 24 hours leading to Dec 18 and responding to Chinese crackdown reports, the price dropped by 39%, from $716 to $438.

On December 18th at 10.03 am UTC, GameKyuubi wrote a post, “I am HODLING.” His post was a rant on his trading skills, or lack of them thereof, and his determination to hold on to his coins. Readers, however, interpreted that to mean Holding on For Dear Life,” and the term stuck.

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