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The Fantom Network Unveils The Beta Version Of An All-New cross-chain NFT Marketplace

The Fantom Network Unveils All-New cross-chain NFT Marketplace


· Artion NFT marketplace is built on the Fantom blockchain network

· Users can access Artion with MetaMask and the Coinbase Wallet.

· Marketplace supports ERC20 tokens, including the native Fantom token

· Artion is the first cross chain NFT marketplace

Andre Cronje, coder, and DeFi developer, has launched an NFT marketplace on the DeFi Fantom network, becoming the latest addition to the decentralized ecosystem. The announcement was made in a blog post, dated September 24. The network announced the release of the beta version, Artion.

The new marketplace will operate different ERC20 tokens, including DAI, fUSDT, USDC, and wFTM. It will also include an inbuilt swapping station where users can unwrap or wrap FTM/wFTM. This new marketplace offers low minting fees, zero commissions on sales, and 10 FTM. Additionally, NFT creators can get royalties when minting and earn from sales.

Artion offers an excellent user interface design that delivers high responsiveness and load time. The coding used to create the marketplace is open-source. NFT holders can use the Ethereum-Fantom bridge for interoperability, making Artion the first cross-chain NFT marketplace.

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