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Tezos Partners with EQIBank on a DeFi Lending Products Project

Tezos Partners with EQIBank


  • Tezos to launch a joint project with Top Digital Bank
  • Platform to offer lending and yielding products
  • The DeFi platform to offer borrowing and staking services

The decentralized governance blockchain platform, Tezos, is set to launch a platform where users can access lending and yield products in collaboration with EQIFI, a leading decentralized finance platform. This project will provide support to the existing Tezos blockchain ecosystem.

Tezos is a layer-one, PoS, smart compatibility blockchain that offers support for different blockchain projects such as NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi.

According to a press release, EQIFI chose Tezos because of its expertise in on-chain governance, community innovators and developers, and stake consensus methods. EQIFI hopes to cement its stand as the first seamless global bridge to decentralized finance through this project.

The DeFi platform plans to start offering borrowing and staking services to users - “A product offering with an industry leader such as Tezos signifies the bar EQIFI is setting in the DeFi space. Providing exposure to Tezos holders for staking and borrowing is just the next step in positioning EQIFI to become an industry leader.” - EQIFI chairperson Jason Blick.

EQIFI is a subsidiary of EQIBank, a top licensed and regulated chain of banks. EQX token holders decentrally govern the EQIFI platform.

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