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Popcorn DeFi raises $2M Towards a Social Impact Platform

Popcorn DeFi raises $2M Towards a Social Impact Platform


· Popcorn raised $2M in the latest funding round

· Funding round led by New Form Capital and Kenetic Capital

· Funds to be used to build a social impact platform

· Popcorn invest at least 50% of all its smart contracts in social impact organizations

DeFi pioneer Popcorn has closed the latest funding round after raising $2M from leading DeFi community members and angel investors, among them New Form Capital and Kenetic Capital, who led the funding round.

The 2 million dollars raised will be put towards the building and launching of Popcorn’s social impact decentralized finance platform.

“Society is currently undergoing a mass realignment of values, and people are seeking something different from their service providers. Popcorn represents a new paradigm — it’s a rethinking of incentive structures to deliver high-yield next-generation finance products, where all barriers and frictional costs to creating positive social and environmental impact are removed. Our mission clearly resonates with the Web3 community, and our recent fundraise means that forward-thinking institutions are also bullish on this new future of personal finance.” - Anthony D Martin, Founder of Popcorn.

Popcorn is one of the leading DeFi projects that include social impact in its DeFi protocol through a POP (novel beneficiary funding process). It uses viable yield farming opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain to deliver social value to its users.

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