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Panther And NEAR Protocol Partner To Develop Build Its Privacy Tech

Panther And NEAR Protocol Partner


· Panther has partnered with NEAR protocol to develop its privacy technology.

· The privacy to restore Web3 and DeFi privacy

Panther aims to create a privacy-protected decentralized world that will allow DeFi and Web3 users to use decentralized apps and protocols securely. Panther supports connection to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchains through a privacy layer.

NEAR protocol has gone ahead to support Panther through a grant to help them further the development of open-source privacy infrastructure. The secure infrastructure will include APIs (application programming interfaces), tooling, and Rust libraries. All these will help the deployment of Panther protocol and Panther privacy solutions on NEAR’s EVM, Aurora.

“Panther recognizes that usability and intelligent design are key components of mainstream blockchain adoption. It is our mission to restore privacy, the sovereignty of transactions, and data ownership for all users of DeFi and Web3, and it is on that spirit that we are pleased to partner with the NEAR foundation to establish shielded pools and other components of Panther’s privacy-preserving infrastructure on the NEAR blockchain, taking one more step towards an interoperable, private and compliance compatible blockchain future.” - Oliver Gale, Panther Co-Founder, and CEO.

Panther aims to build privacy-prioritized DeFi and Web3 applications by building natively on EVM-compatible peer chains. Panther also empowers developers with a large suite of APIs, deep integrations, and SDKs (Software Development Kits).

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