NewsSep 10

Multi-Chain Community-Driven Launchpad, Starter To Host $CUEX DeFi Token Launch

$CUEX Token to Be Launched By Starter


  • Starter To Host $CUEX DeFi Token Launch
  • CUEX 10 percent tax to provide liquidity to all tokens within the ecosystem
  • First CUEX IDO will have an exclusive rate of 1 BNB = 8,333,333 CUEX
  • A 2,000 BNB hard cap will precede the next IDO at the rate of 1 BNB = 7,500,000 CUEX

The community-driven launchpad, Starter, is set to host the launch of DeFi CUE token $CUEX, a community-driven protocol, on September 10. Starter is a platform that supports IDO (Initial DEX Offering) interoperability on up to seven blockchains.

The $CUEX tokens is based on the CUE ecosystem with an AMM (Automated Market Maker). It comes 10% buy or sell tax, providing liquidity to digital tokens in the CUE ecosystem. Holders of the token will be rewarded with CUE and $CUEX tokens through buyback and staking.

In line with their goals to change the decentralized finance industry, Starter will oversee all $CUEX trading and staking processes. The first CUEX IDO is set at an exclusive rate of 1 BNB (BNB/USD) = 8,333,333 CUEX, with only 400 BNBs available.

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