NewsOct 26

Mudrex Rolls Out DeFi Investment Model for Retail Investors

Mudrex, a cryptocurrency asset management company, has rolled out a new investment vehicle called Coin Sets. This will allow veterans and aspiring investors to access high-performing NFT and DeFi assets. By diversifying their investments, Mudrex aims to provide a way of spreading their risk appetite across a wide asset class.

According to the firm, DeFi-based mutual funds are available, a first in the industry. It will target high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

The firm was launched back in 2018. This August, it received seed funding from Nexus Ventures, a leading venture capital outfit.

According to Edul Patel, Mudrex's co-founder, the primary reason for launching the simple-to-invest product was to help new investors who are just getting started with cryptocurrencies. The information overload in the asset class usually overwhelms entrants to the space, and providing crypto mutual funds would help clear the confusion in the sector.

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