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Massive ROI Potential for TOMI Sale as The Tomi NFT Sales Volume Explodes Past $1.5M.

Massive ROI Potential for TOMI Sale


· Tomi Heroes NFT holders to get access to the presale

· Tomi NFTs are currently at $1.5M traded volume

· Proceeds from the sale to be used to buy and burn TOMI tokens

· Tomi is offering a total of 5 presale rounds

If you are an NFT enthusiast, you have probably noted the sudden attention being drawn to the Tomi Heroes NFTs. With these NFTs, holders will be granted access to the presale, set to take place soon, setting the limited-edition sets in high demand.

Currently on a $1.5M traded volume, the Tomi project is one to keep an eye on over the coming days.

As the NFTs continue to generate proceeds, the funds will be used to purchase and burn TOMI tokens sales on the SushiSwap platform. This sets a high potential for ROI on Tomi NFTs, which has seen FOMO kick in amongst investors looking to earn a place in the presale.

Tomi is offering a total of 5 presale rounds, with each expected to take place for only 30 minutes. Investors can easily make up to ten times their TOMI investment by the current ETH trading volume. The TOMI launch will take place on SushiSwap on the polygon network on 21 September.

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