NewsOct 22

Leading DeFi Founders Back a Flappy-Bird-Like Game

A Mobile Game. Fancy Bird will Borrow Heavily from Flappy Bird.

There is a new game called Fancy Bird, that you can play and earn money. The game looks just like Flappy Bird, and aims to be as popular. Fancy Bird is on the blockchain and has 8,888 random NFT characters that aim to be the Fanciest Birds in the game's nest.

Major DeFi players are betting on this game's success. They include Aave's Stani Kulechov, 0xmaki at Sushi, Synthetix Kain Warwick, Barnbridge's Tyler Ward, and Santiago Santos, an Angel investor.

Players who hit top rankings can earn up to 40% of the native Fancy (ticker symbol FNC) tokens. Additionally, future upgrades are in the works, with the aim of launching a multi-player mode. The game is to be launched on the Ethereum mainnet, project Immutable X.

The innovative game aims to appeal to the high number of players and P2E communities worldwide, especially in countries like the Philippines. The game will borrow heavily from one of Kain Warwick's successful projects, Illuvium.

Flappy Bird, launched in 2013, was wildly successful and addictive. At its height, it had 100 million users a day. Fancy Bird seeks to follow in its footsteps.

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