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Is The HASH Price About To Surge? Hashbon To Launch The First DeFi CDEX Platform



· HASH token price set to go up

· Hashbon launches the first-ever CDEX

· HASH token is expected to play a critical role in the CDEX project

The Hashbon FiRe announcement of the launch of Hashbon Rocket, the first evet cross-chain DEX caused a lot of stir in the cryptocurrencies sector. The question in most people’s minds now is whether the price of the Hashbon native token, HASH, will be boosted by the news. According to experts, the price of HASH is set to go up.

Hashbon Rocket is an upcoming CDEX (cross-chain decentralized exchange) that Hashbon launched on 9 September. It will become the first CDEX platform to exist, giving users a platform to exchange BEP-20 tokens with ERC-20 tokens.

Hashbon FiRe is a crypto payment platform that features HASH, its native token listed on Coinsbit, and trades on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This native token is expected to play a critical role in the CDEX project. Using the native token, liquidity providers will be able to swap fees payment to arbiters, who will take charge of transactions approval.

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