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Injective Protocol Releases INJ-ETH Bridge to Allow Seamless Cross-Chain Interoperability

Injective Protocol Releases INJ-ETH Bridge


· Injective announces the release of INJ-ETH Bridge

· The Bridge will use Ethereum tools like MetaMask

· Security on the Bridge will be secured by reputable validators

The cross-chain protocol created for DeFi applications-Injective announced the release of the INJ-ETH bridge. You can now bridge ERC20 tokens on the Injective Chain via the secure cross chain-Peggy Bridge. An official statement said “The Peggy bridge enables lightning-fast transfers and is one of the cheapest solutions on the market today (average transaction cost of ~$0.02 when transacting on the Injective Chain)”

Some of the features of Penny Bridge include the Ethereum Native ACH. The Bridge will use the familiar Ethereum tools like MetaMask during deposit or withdrawal. Due to Injective’s key derivation, the bridge will support all Ethereum Wallets. It is user friendly, allowing users to connect in a few clicks, low cost and lightning-fast, with transactions taking a few minutes. The security on the bi-directional bridge will be secured by the most reputable validators in the crypto industry.

The Injective Bridge will serve as a pathway to innovative decentralized Finance products being built on Injective such as insurance funds, exchanges and relayers. A tweet by Injective Bridge read, “The Injective Bridge is now live and offers seamless cross-chain interoperability. Transfer assets across Ethereum and Injective. Lightning fast with the lowest costs A future gateway to DeFi across Ethereum, Injective and @cosmos”

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