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Fantasy Sports-Style Gaming Site CinemaDraft, CD3D, Set to Launch in October

CD3D Set to Launch in October


  • Initial CD3D offering is set to take place on October
  • The sales auction will last for 24 hours
  • Investors to place bids for 20 million tokens
  • Funds to be used to boost several CinemaDraft projects

The initial CD3D offering is set to take place on October 7 for 24 hours on the This fair launch token sale will use batch auction, a Dutch auction crypto sale process where investors submit their bid for a total of 20 million CD3D tokens. The orders will be filled after the completion of the sales round, highest to lowest.

CD3D will power the in-game tokenomics for CinemaDraft, a gaming platform set to launch in October. CD3D is a Binance Smart Chain-based token that is priced in BUSD, a stablecoin.

CD3D boasts popular decentralized finance features such as 10% transaction fee for dividends, burn, buyback & burn, 0.15% anti-whale protocol capping transactions of the token supply, monthly liquidity release schedule, and staking rewards for 30-day+ holders.

Funds raised from the 24-hour token sale will be used to complete a CinemaDraft LLC DEX token launchpad that will be open to other gaming tokens. CinemaDraft also plans to use some of the raised funds to complete DraftStream, its first fantasy movie streaming game, sponsor marketing, and introduce free-to-play prize pools for CD3D and cash prizes.

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