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Evrynet Brings DeFi to Institutional Investors through a $7 Million Funding

Evrynet secures $7 Million Funding


  • Evrynet raises $7 million in the latest funding round
  • Evrynet to bring DeFi to institutional investors
  • Evrynet plans to build a platform with institutional-friendly features
  • Any developer can build CeDeFi apps on the Evrynet platform

Late Wednesday morning, Everynet announces the closing of a successful funding round that raised $7 million from high-profile investors and financial backers. Evrynet plans to use these funds for a project that will bring DeFi to institutions.

The team behind Evry.Finance decentralized application plans to build a platform with institutional-friendly features, making it easy for institutions to participate in decentralized finance. On top of this, the team also caters to individual investors with its simple interface and an ever-growing selection of yield products.

By bridging real-world and decentralized assets, Evrynet plans to create new liquidity sources for its app users. The Evrynet infrastructure is perfect for businesses and developers.

Using the infrastructure, any developer can build CeDeFi apps (centralized decentralized finance apps) that can take advantage of the interoperability with other blockchains. The success of the $7 million funding round has set Evrynet on its way to realizing the dream.

Evrynet provides open-source services to interested users to promote financial inclusion by creating a level playing field.

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