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Early Adopters Can Now Invest In Ardadex Protocol As Token Sales Kicks Off

Early Adopters Can Now Invest In Ardadex Protocol As Token Sales Kicks Off


· Ardadex Protocol announces a launch on the Cardano platform

· Ardadex protocol avails 250 million ARDAN tokens

· ARDAN tokens to sell at 0.001 USD at launch

The next generation of DeFi, Ardadex Protocol, has officially announced a launch on the Cardano platform, where it will combine DEX, AMM, and NFT functions.

Ardadex-powered DeFi token, ARDAN, is prided as the next DeFi generation token that was built to disrupt traditional DeFi ecosystems. Ardadex is an ecosystem comprising promising DeFi and crypto projects, including Ardadex Swap DEX, ARDAN token, and the Ardadex NFT platform.

The Ardadex ecosystem plans to venture into the Cardano blockchain, a move that will make decentralized finance accessible to every interested investor. The platform will make crypto transactions cheaper, smoother, faster, and more secure.

The ARDAN token can be traded on the Ardadex exchange, where traders can transact without intermediaries. The token can be used on the platform for staking, swapping, and yield farming. Ardadex protocol has made available 250 million ARDAN tokens as part of its pre-sale launch. The ARDAN token is available at $0.001. another 250 million tokens will be made available to the public at $0.003 ADA per token. Total allocated tokens will be available after the ARDAN IPO.

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