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Divergence lists on AscendEX

Divergence lists on AscendEX


  • AscendEX lists the Divergence token (DIVER)
  • Divergence will be available as a trading pair USDT/DIVER
  • The listing includes the launch of several limited promotional events
  • Divergence is a decentralized platform for hedging and trading DeFi assets

On September 23, AscendEX listed the Divergence token (DIVER) as a trading pair USDT/DIVER. As part of celebrating the launch, AscendEX and Divergence have paired to launch several limited promotional events running from September 24 through to October 1. Through these events, users will have a chance to earn more than 90,000 USDT in pooled rewards.

As a decentralized platform for hedging and trading DeFi assets, Divergence offers an AMM marketplace and trading for synthetic binary options. A notable feature of the Divergence platform is how simple it makes option composability. It is possible to create options markets on the platform at strike prices and expiration cycles using DeFi assets and other fungible tokens from other protocols.

Divergence also features a one-step minting and seeding process, allowing users to only mint tokens after allocating funds to a pool, minimizing trading fees.

The listing of Divergence on AscendEX is a show of strong support for DeFi projects that accommodate retail and professional traders in one space.

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