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DeFi Services Powered By ABEY Foundation Launch a DeFi Platform

Defi Services Powered By ABEY Foundation Launch a Defi


  • ABEY Foundations launches XSWAP
  • XSWAP to function as a DEX and DeFi
  • XSWAP to use a new trading model to address market issues
  • XSWAP users can become liquidity providers

ABEY foundation is not offering decentralized finance services on a new platform, XSWAP, built on the ABEYCHAIN blockchain. XSWAP will serve as a DeFi platform and a decentralized exchange or ABEY investors. The ABEY foundation hopes that XSWAP is the first of many dApps on the platform.

The ABEYCHAIN ecosystem gives crypto investors an alternative to different blockchains, including Ethereum, serving as a home for decentralized applications. With XSWAP, investors will have access to a more affordable network compared to Ethereum, which is said to be inefficient and expensive.

According to the developers, XSWAP will offer solutions to many market issues that negatively affect the decentralized finance community. The platform seeks to solve the problems using its never seen before trading model that includes an automated liquidity protocol and an automated market maker.

The automated liquidity protocol is the first of its kind in the crypto world, allowing traders to complete crypto traders even in the absence of the other party. Traders using this protocol to trade have the option of becoming LPs on XSWAP.

XSWAP is currently operational, offering a DEX and finance platform that accepts all ARC-20 tokens. It also custodial open-source wallet services from the ABEY wallet and MetaMask. supports cross-chain assets like Ethereum, bitcoin, BNB, Litecoin, AST, and DOT. Users will also have access to non

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