DeFi Aggregators Explained

DeFi Aggregator


  • DeFi aggregator brings together trades from different platforms
  • DeFi aggregators offer convenience and efficiency
  • DeFi aggregators give users access to the best DEX prices

A DeFi aggregator is a cryptocurrency trading tool that brings trades from different DeFi platforms to one location. This process saves time and increases efficiency when trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Decentralized finance spreads across different blockchains like Binance Smart chain and Ethereum, with each blockchain using isolated financial protocols. While it can be beneficial of have access to different protocols, this comes at the cost of efficiency and convenience.

DeFi aggregators give users access to the best DEX prices, liquidity pools, and lending services to ensure traders can still optimize their trades for better gains. Some DeFi aggregators give users access to other users’ trading strategies, offering a unique way of analyzing and combining trading ideas.

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