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Crypto-Asset Manager Grayscale Boosts Ethereum Portfolio to Reach $10 Billion

Grayscale Boosts Ethereum Portfolio


  • Grayscale Tops Up Ethereum Investment To $10 Billion
  • Etherium makes up most of Greyscale’s portfolio with 3000 ETH tokens
  • Grayscale AUM not at more than $40 billion
  • Grayscale is the largest crypt asset manager globally

Recent reports show that Grayscale now has more than 3 million Ethereum in its AUM (Asset under Management). This amounts to at least $10 billion, making Grayscale one of the largest ETH holders in cryptocurrency.

Grayscale has been increasing its Ethereum holding over time, with a notable addition of more than 20,000 ETH in February 2021. In recent filings, the asset manager seems to have increased its holding further since the last report, raising the total value of their assets to $41.4 billion from $33 billion.

Grayscale’s Interest In Cryptocurrencies

Over the years, Grayscale has increased its crypto-assets offering to give investors added exposure to the crypt market. In addition to its $10 billion Ethereum holding, Grayscale holds $29 billion in Bitcoin, $700 million in Ethereum Classic, and $300 million in Litecoin and other currency offerings. With these assets under management, Grayscale is the largest manager for crypto assets in the world.

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