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Coindeks.Org Has Launched A Staking Aggregator

Coindeks.Org Has Launched A Staking Aggregator


· Coindeks opens its doors with a staking aggregator

· The aggregator to facilitate blockchain tech developments

· Coindeks to offer DeFi staking, lending and NFT services

The new cryptocurrency platform, Coindeks, has officially launched a staking aggregator on the platform. As one of its first investment products, the aggregator will facilitate different blockchain tech and DeFi projects.

Decentralized finance, DeFi, is a streamlined solution to financial services access. This development is a disruptor to the traditional and centralized way of financing. People can use DeFi to make passive income, and the Coindeks aggregator tool will offer customers access to this market.

Some of the products users can expect from the platform in the future include a decentralized exchange, DeFi staking, crypto lending, and an NFT marketplace.

“The presence of different products on the same platform ensures the stability of the system and guarantees users a stable income from different sources,” says Coindeks.

All products on Coindeks will be operated under a common native token, the CRYTOKEN. The token will be used to disperse income amongst investors and will also be the main means of engaging with the platform, while smart contracts will be used to ensure transparency within the ecosystem. CRYTOKEN holders will be receiving NFT cards as a bonus.

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