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Celo Co-Founder to Bring DeFi Mobile to Everyone

Celo To Bring DeFi to Smartphone Users


  • Celo Foundation aims to make DeFi available to smartphone users worldwide.
  • DeFi should target the mobile market to expand and grow.
  • Celo Foundation’s “MoFi” to allow users to use DeFi on their mobile phone.

Celo Foundation CTO and Co-founder Marek Olshevsky shared his ideas on the future of decentralized finance on the mobile space. He shared these sentiments in the recently concluded UDC 2021 (Upbit Developer Conference 2021). In his statement, he mentioned his Foundation’s plans to make DeFi a mobile-enabled industry available to billions of people globally.

According to Marek, the DeFi ecosystem will only expand if it is made more available to people worldwide.

‘‘DeFi is being implemented in various protocols and chains, but most DeFi products are designed for laptops or desktop PCs. It has to be made.’’ He said. This news comes when Celo is running a ‘DeFi for the people’ initiative that was announced in late August. The initiative collaborates with different organizations like Aave, Curve, Chainlink, and Sushi that have come together to bring DeFi to more than 6billion users globally.

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