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Cardano Is Set To Launch A dAppStore For Certified Decentralized Finance Applications

Cardano Is Set To Launch A dAppStore


  • Cardano to launch a storefront for certified dApps, the Plutus dAppStore
  • The dAppStore will make dApps running on Cardano easier to find
  • IOHK will also launch a third-party dApps formal certification program Cardano

Cardano has announced its plans to set up an online store where DeFi investors can access DeFi apps, dubbed the Plutus dAppStore.

In the statement, IOHK, Cardano’s development company, confirmed that it is indeed building a one-stop app store for decentralized applications. Developers will be able to upload their Cardano-based applications, which will be easy to discover for users.

IOHK has featured a preview of what users can expect from the new app store, as part of its integrated approach to developing the Cardano ecosystem as it prepares for the 2021 Cardano summit. According to Cardano’s head of product and smart contract, Shruti Appiah, the Appstore will address two key factors, including making dApps on the network easier to discover and also availing an ecosystem where all decentralized apps can be accessed.

IOHK also announced that it would be launching its formal certifications program for 3rd party dApps on its ecosystem. The program will offer its users assurance for dApp integrity through automatic logic checks, formal verification, and manual smart contracts auditing.

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